Just saw this in the Christian Post, Rick and Kay spoke to thousands of students this week, passing the Reformation Generation torch on. Here’s a clip:

“We’re still dealing with the stigma and ignorance in this country and it’s got to be erased,” he said, alluding to the current situation of churches in America regarding the disease. Commenting on the absolute significance of churches being involved, Haas said, “It is a killer if it does not have the appropriate social nets and the appropriate care that could be provided by the community.”

Warren highlighted how this is precisely the reason why he had come to this convention. “This is what we are praying — for second reformation of the church,” he told The Christian Post on Thursday, identifying the students at Urbana as part of the reformation generation.

“God’s timing is perfect. I see a spiritual hunger, I see a spiritual readiness, the willingness to commit, and a willingness to sacrifice; and all of these things coming in together … has created a kairos moment — the right time for a reformation to take place.”

Kay Warren, Rick Warren’s wife, stressed the importance of students picking up the task of reformation. “We are handing the next generation — these students, these 22,000 students who are sitting here — a pandemic we have failed to stop,” she indicated at the press conference.

“It is the most thrilling thing I can imagine — to know that they are going to get it, and they are going to care, and they are going to do something.”