I’m hoping to see MI:3 tomorrow at our local movie theater after the student ministry – but before the review here a funny related article:

The management of The Los Angeles Times said a musical promotion for Paramount Pictures’ upcoming movie, “Mission: Impossible III” was designed to turn the “everyday news rack experience” into an “extraordinary mission.” But the stunt created a real mission for federal law enforcement officers who had to evacuate patients and staff at an area veterans’ medical facility last week.

The plan was to conceal digital audio players in 4,500 randomly selected newspaper boxes around Los Angeles and Ventura County. When newspaper buyers opened the racks, the six inch long, two-and-a-half inch wide red plastic boxes — connected to activator switches on the news rack doors — would play the easily-recognizable “Mission: Impossible” theme song. A photo of the movie’s star, Tom Cruise, adorned a promotional poster on the front of the racks, although there was no warning that the doors had been rigged to play music.

Despite the simplicity of the plan, the digital audio players and the red, white and black wires leading to their activator switches did not stay concealed. One newspaper buyer saw the device and switch, thought it was a bomb and called authorities. After an inspection of the newspaper rack could not determine whether the device was explosive, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department bomb squad blew up the newspaper rack.