I reflected on some key people in my life and why they mean so much to me. There are tons of reasons why I would consider them incredible friends, but one of the things that stuck out to me recently was belief. They love and believe in me so much, it drives me to succeed and believe in myself even more. I realize how rare these types of friends are and it hasn’t always been this way – over the years I have also experienced the discouraging feeling of not being believed in, too – almost like certain people were hoping I would fail. It taught me to not be myself, not to take risks and above all – to be sure not to fail.

Today is so different – I am believed in by my peers and bosses beyond my actual ability, maybe believed in beyond even what I think I can do. I say all of this to challenge myself to believe in someone else today. Maybe it’ll help you do the same.

  • Who is the volunteer on your team that needs the breathe of belief given to them this morning?
  • What about that intern that is down today because they’ve failed?
  • Do your kids know you believe in them?

The power of belief is life-changing. Someone believes in me and it is driving me to accomplish more. I want to give that gift to someone else.

You are believed in. Now get to work!