Interesting piece in the NY Times making the blog rounds this week. I’m all for people using other people’s learnings, but this guy was over the line. Still though, the key word is grace, and that’s what should be celebrated here in the end, don’t you think? Here’s a clip:

The Bible does not discuss plagiarism. But it does say that thou shalt not bear false witness and thou shalt not steal.

So what to do in the case of a disgraced former preacher who violated both commandments several years ago when he borrowed sermons, often whole-cloth, from other ministers and passed them off as his own?

For members of the Park Avenue Christian Church, a struggling congregation on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the proper response is to give him a second chance.

Members of the small church, which dates to 1810 but has dwindled to just 40 people on Sundays, voted this week to hire the former high-profile preacher, the Rev. Alvin O’Neal Jackson, 56, as their new senior pastor.