This might be the last week you have an opportunity to breathe before the Christmas season comes at you with a mad rush.  It’s a crazy season that usually flashes by in the blink of an eye.

You’ve got a lot on your plate both personally and professionally.  While you have a lot to get done, you can’t afford to miss out on an important season in our faith:


Advent, the four weeks leading up to Christmas is a season of preparation and expectation for the birth of Christ.  Instead of just focusing on making your ministry Christmas theme use the season of Advent to help your teens thrive during this busy season.

While you could go deep into tradition and research what each week means, try using the following template to save you time:


This is a season of hope and this a great time to cast vision for your teens.  Remind them why Jesus came to this earth.  Use this week as an opportunity to:

  • Address the obstacles they might face in this season.
  • Pray over the Christmas miracles they might need.
  • Discuss what they are most hopeful for.

Break them into small groups, get them praying together and focusing on why this season is so important to their faith.  You’ll start planting seeds that will change the way they approach Christmas in the future.


Between holiday parties, shopping, carols and decorating the house getting ready for Christmas can be insane.  Help your teens find quiet by creating an evening of adoration, or silent reflection.  If anything give them an opportunity to shut off the noise and breathe.  Use this time to help them spiritually prepare.


Advent is a season of hope and joy.  Make sure you celebrate that joy.  Mix culture, tradition and faith by making this week a birthday/ugly Christmas sweater party for Jesus.

Spend time in worship through music, have fun with some great game and get a cake.  Sing happy birthday and celebrate the fact that God loved the world that He sent down His only son.


We need to remind students that Jesus didn’t come to be served.  He commands us to love others and Advent is a perfect time to share that love.  You can do that by:

  • Doing a service project that night.
  • Announcing a service initiative for the new year.
  • Taking up an extra offertory to go towards a cause.
  • Bringing in local organizations that they can serve at during the holiday season.


Remind them it’s also a season of love.  When they can learn to love others during this season it can bring them more hope and joy.

If you need more ideas to fill out this template check out the GREAT RESOURCES in the DYM Store under Christmas (Click HEREto help you pick games, themes, etc.

No matter what be intentional about certain seasons in the church.  Use it as a time to refocus and give the next generation the tools they need to navigate through the craziness of the holidays.

What would you add to the template?  How do you focus on Advent and other church seasons?