You would think that a church is there to help it’s members. You might even think that a church is here to help it’s community. But one of my biggest learnings this week is that our church is a place where people from outside churches come when they need help, too.

Not just for a training event or to a conference – but just dropping by or calling in with a need. They trust us – so they come in for counseling, they call in for advice or email looking for encouragement.

Where does a pastor go when he or she needs help? Where does confession happen for a church leader? I’m finding that people in other ministries need a place to go when they hurt or are in spiritual crisis. I’m glad our church is a place where Christian leaders can find help in their time of need. A thought would be … is the health of other ministries on my heart? Is it possible that I find time to encourage other youth workers in their journey and not just concentrate on my church and community. What can I do to help further God’s work by coming to the aid of His workers?

Just some random thoughts today.