Talking with a buddy this week at Starbucks – just catching up on life and tossing out future ideas. For my end of the conversation I pitched an idea I have for the “next big thing” on the internet, something that takes the best ideas of what is out there, where I think the whole net is going, and a way to make some money for myself and really youth workers, too. Anyhow, the idea is mine, but the execution is way out of my league. As we exchanged follow-up emails, here’s some thoughts he shared that I thought were particularly good.

Here is my “work in progress” trying to synthesize a little from Andy Stanley and Dallas Willard. In order to affect any change and progress I need to find my Vision, Intention, and Means. I need all three cylinders to be firing if I’m going to get anywhere.

Vision: An idea of what could be combined with the conviction for what should be, based on an account of what was, an assessment of what is.

Intention: The decision of my heart and the focus of my will to relentlessly chase potential into reality.

Means: The art and science of skillfully applying Resources to move X from point A to point B. (Distance, Direction, Time). Simply put . . . get ‘er done!