We gave our a ton of Life Books a while back – we came up with the idea of giving 5 to every student in our ministry. The idea was that students would each get one for themselves, and 4 for their friends. We put a little instructional card on top of a rubber-banded stack and gave away tons and tons of these little translations of the Book of John from the Bible. It was a really great challenge and helped our fall gain some great momentum as friends shared their faith with their friends. 

Looking for a big momentum boost this fall? Looking for a chance to boost the friendship evangelism in your ministry? The Life Book could be exactly what you’re hoping for – on top of that it is FREE and totally funded by generous followers of Jesus. I’d really encourage you to check out the Life Book, maybe even scan it online here, and get in contact with them right away about bringing them to your church/ministry this fall. Let’s spread the Word together!