Katie had a great observation in this morning’s team meeting. She was talking about volunteers and our recent Super Sweet Leader’s night.

When it comes to volunteers, there’s typically three groups. 1) the newbie or rookie, typically the naive person who joined your team after a big church series on ministry. This person has been to a few events or is just starting in youth ministry. They still have the ‘fire’ in their eyes. Then 2) there’s the veteran youth worker volunteer, the tried, tested and proved leader to students. They’ve seen the joys and fulfillment of youth ministry and are in it for the long haul. They’ve typically been a part of your team 4 or 5 years (or maybe far more, possibly even outlasting you), and have a diferent type of ‘fire’ in their eyes. And finally 3) the short-term volunteer. They aren’t new, this is their second or third year, but they’re not a veteran either.

Katie’s observation is tat it might be best to focus on that third group the most. The newbies definitely need training and the veteran needs constant encouragement, but honestly the most needy part of your team might very well be the “in betweeners.” They haven’t yet seen the life change of student ministry – they haven’t yet seen the other side of conflict or struggle, they are in the middle of a new place, new challenges and potential problems. They might be crying out for your attention, or perhaps this could be part of the reason so few become long term student leaders.

Just a good learning for me today. If you can use it or add to the conversation, comment away!