Bill Daily came and spoke today to the Gathering between brainstorming sessions – he spoke from a marketing background in reaching new students. He’s worked for Gatorade, Mastercard and Oakley as the VP of marketing. He’s now in marketing at Purpose Driven, finally able to use these incredible talents in a direct eternal setting. Needless to say, he’s fully legit and had some very intuitive things to say. Here’s a few of the highlights:

  • It all starts with purpose, then people, then program.
  • Starting with program is a mistake.
  • The program is the vehicle to accomplish the purpose and reach the people
  • There are people in your community who marketing to will have no effect, medium impact and high impact. Spend your time on the high impact and those surrounding the impact zone.
  • Attract, don’t pursue
  • Define your priorities by must do, should do, and postpone

Kay Warren is coming up next … very cool.