rock_n_water_image.jpgI learned a new term this week from my friend Craig up at Rock-N-Water taught me. I’m up here this weekend at their White Water Youth Pastor Retreat.

Point positive.

I’m not sure how much the rest of the world uses the phrase, but it is used on the river quite often. It is a phrase used to describe a situation when boaters are running a river they aren’t with at all or don’t know very well, or when the river has changed and they come upon something unexpected or new. The downstream boater will point to where she thinks the upstream vessels should go – because it is either safest or because it is the most awesome experience for the tour.

In that situation, she should never point at the hazard/the place to avoid. The focus is on the best run.

Are you a youth ministry veteran? If you’re downriver from other youth workers, point them in the direction of the best run. Give them ideas, hold them accountable and push them to have the best experience they can in the crazy calling of youth ministry. Point them toward the exhilaration of lives changed and to realize how the best memories on the river are when you encounter difficult challenges.

That’s one of my goals in the new chapter of my youth ministry life, helping youth workers focus on having the best run. What learnings can you share with some of the rookies in your youth pastor network today?