Great article in today’s OC Register. A church in Yorba Linda (California) is taking on the feeding of the 50,000. Check this clip out:

Norm Whan knows all too well that he tends to have this effect on people.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

Whan, mostly seen in shorts and Hawaiian shirts, simply smiles at the words of disbelief. And they come from more than one member of the Rose Drive Friends Church.

All Whan proposed was that they provide enough food for 50,000 people on Thanksgiving Day.

If the 500 families that attend the church fill 10 boxes of food each, that would do the trick, Whan estimates. Five thousand boxes, each with enough food to feed 10 people.

“It would be the biggest effort, the single biggest food drive by any one group in the country,” Whan says.

It sounds good to the congregation. But is it realistic? Is it even possible?