I ordered my meal (an egg sandwich) and the server asked me what kind of juice I wanted. I was surprised, I can’t remember the last time I had some juice. Its morning, so I’m brain dead and didn’t really read the menu.

With the confidence of a senior citizen poking around Facebook, I said, “uhhhh. Orange abounds good.”

The server could have walked away, the job was done, I’d given my order and our conversation could have been over. For most servers it would have been over. Instead, the server started to list all of the juice options. That was a good thing cause I chose a better juice (tomato, since you’re wondering).

Yea, it’s a small thing. But it’s a big deal because big things are simply small things that are important.

Tonight I’m visiting a small group of eighth graders. When they graduate I’ll become their leader. I’m beyond excited cause it’s been too long since I’ve led a small group. Today’s breakfast was a great reminder.

Bible study is never about the curriculum or the questions. It’s about growth, and that comes from discernment. Starting with a question and listening well to see what’s next. Leading a small group is more like a tennis match than a pitcher on the mound.

Ok, breakfast is here. Time to sip some of that delicious tomato juice.

Location:Lake Forest Dr,El Toro,United States