Have you ever had an event or service that last-minute it just seemed to be ripped out from under you? You had the room booked but you got the email from a “higher up” that they are taking over that room and you have to find another place to meet the day before. You are in the middle of the service and there are no bulletins, no lights, the lyrics are not up on the screen etc. You got to scramble. Here are some tips on how to keep your calm.

Don’t Panic- You want to panic. It’s your first reaction. Don’t do it. Keep your calm. For the most part, if you do not show that there is something wrong, no one will really notice it. People react when you react. So do not panic.

Communicate Clearly- You are trouble-shooting off the cuff. You cannot afford to not communicate well when you are scrambling. Yes, you are running around trying to fix things, but in order to get things back together you need to communicate with clarity. Scrambling, you are already running around like crazy now you need to communicate well while you are scrambling.

Watch Your Tone- For reals though. When things are crazy, we usually are frantic. We want to fix it. Usually the way we communicate can be a little frantic as well. Even though you are scrambling, just note your tone on how you communicate how to fix it.

Pray- Even though it seems like it’s against all things that come natural in a time of scrambling, stop and pray. Pray for calm, easy, clear communication and that you can still leak Jesus and love on people even though you are in frantic run around trying to figure something out last-minute.

Realize God Will Still Move – Anything we do, it’s not us. We tend to think like the success of the event and the purpose of it relies on us (which it does in a way) but the overall thing we need to remember is that God will still move in our events if we allow Him in still. We tend to squeeze Him out because we need everything to be perfect. If we have the basic set up, great volunteers and students, God will still move and change hearts.