NBC put on an amazing show this week, the game lasted just under 3 hours – a technically sound game – Broncos vs. Raiders – with perfect commentary, amazing camera angles and awesome visual effects. Really near-perfect execution.

ESPN on the other hand, muddied through below average commentary (gushing over the Cardinals, flipping opinions, and … the master of stating the obvious Joe Theisman). But they sure had the better game.

The setup was perfect – I love the Bears, I love Leinhart and love Monday night so I can chat with my dad for the entire 4th quarter as I catch up to live on Tivo. I can stomach poor play-by-play and analysis, shameless celebrity cameos and less than stellar camera work (did he fumble? was his knee down? was the punt inside the 5 yard line?). But who could predict that stunning game. The Bears never scored and offensive touchdown, had 6 turnovers, and won by a point in the final 3 minutes. Simply amazing.

Week 6 presentation: NBC
Week 6 game: ESPN

Final vote: tie