Saw this great link somewhere for LOST fans – it basically chronicles the 50 loose ends from Lost that they’ve got hanging right now. I would say there’s at least that many, but it’s OK, since it has pretty much become my favorite show. Take that, 24! Here’s two of them …


Early on in the series, in the episode “Solitary,” Sayid finds a cable running out of the ocean and into the jungle, but his attempt to follow this cable leads to his capture by Danielle Rousseau. Later on, Hurley finds the cable again, and discovers it leads into the hills on the island, but then disappears underground. What exactly is this cable? One would assume it is transferring power or information, but for what purpose and to whom? It leads directly into the ocean – is the power source somewhere underwater and if so, how did it get there in the first place? When the cable goes underground, is it leading to another underground hatch? Or is there a power source inside the hills, and the cable is leading to something even more mysterious underwater, such as an underwater hatch that some fans have speculated may exist? No one has made mention of the cable since season one, so here’s hoping it is brought up in the not too distant future.


In the first shot of the “Pilot” episode we watch Jack’s eyes dilate after waking up, lying in a forest. We find out from here that the plane has crashed and Lost is kick-started… but our question is how did Jack get thrown from the wreckage? While everybody that survived was busy running around on the beach, Jack quietly wakes up far off in the distance. Was Jack moved or placed in that position? Why did his pupils dilate? Some believe that the dilation was in fact the reflection of the black smoke flying into the air away from him — which seems unlikely, but you never know. Another question that we found in this situation stems from how Vincent (Walt’s dog) comes from even deeper in the woods to Jack’s position. So why was Vincent walking around so far away from everybody on the beach? Was he with the somebody who may or may not have dropped Jack off in the forest? And finally, do you remember when the tail section crashed? Ana Lucia mentioned that the way she knew that Goodwin was an Other was because of the fact that he came from the forest dry as a bone. So since Jack entered onto the beach the same was as Goodwin, does that make Jack an Other (with amnesia — induced or natural)? Or is this all just a coincidence?