Want to know the secret ingredient to training excellent small group leaders? Well, it is really no secret at all. When I look around at some of our best leaders, they all have one thing in common. They all are quiet. They don’t say much. They just sit there. They are not doing nothing, but they are doing the most important thing any leader can do. When they do speak, it’s maybe a sentence or two, but nothing else. When a leader does these two things, their group explodes in growth. What are they?

They ask good questions.

All you really need is to ask good questions and sit back. Small group leaders are not teachers. Let me say that again. Small group leaders are not teachers. They are discussion facilitators. Students get a sermon at services, they are wanting to talk about faith in groups. Great groups have great leaders who know how to ask great questions.

They listen.

In another way, they shut up. One of the most effective things small group leaders can do is listen. For a student to know without a doubt thy can talk about and express their faith in a place where they will be heard is of high value. For a leader to not jump right on them if they are wrong but instead listen to them fully and then gently guide them into discussion (by asking great questions) we can speak into their lives more effectively. When they know we will listen to them, they are more inclined to listen to their leaders.

Groups that have leaders that do these two things… thrive.