Interesting article about people pretty ticked at the pump. Here’s a clip:

Tempers are rising along with gas prices. Gas stations across the country report
that drivers are taking out their gas rage against big oil by yelling at clerks
and cashiers and sometimes driving off without paying.

“Everyone is suffering at the same time,” said Sam Shirazie, a clerk at a Chevron station east of downtown Los Angeles. “If I could help to reduce that pain, I would.”
No detailed statistics are kept on incidents of gas rage. But the National Association of Convenience Stores said anecdotal evidence indicates they have increased since prices began climbing in February.

Employees of Fleming Corp., which operates 14 gas stations in Kansas and
Missouri, have heard everything from “just a mumble-grumble kind of thing to a cheap shot or blaming the clerk for world oil prices,” owner Ed Roitz said.

And you saw GM’s $1.99 Gas commercials during Apprentice, right? Interesting idea, I’ll give them credit. Someone should do a spinoff with a green car, too.