This guy named Brian sent me an email before Andy and I’s trip to Colorado. At least, that’s what I think his name was. Yeah … Ryan … Dirk … Wesley. Something like that.

Anyhow, he seemed like this nice dude (read: stalker / engineer) that listened to the SYM Podcast and wanted to know if we wanted to break bread together. I never want to let anyone down and always have a difficult time saying no to bread, so of course said yes.

By the time we could connect, we were on our way to the airport and did a “drive-by hello.” If we’re in your state soon and you want to do the same, it was really a blast and we should. Maybe if you’ll be at YS this fall? So fun. Anyhow, here’s a clip from his account of the incident:

I finally got a call from him a few minutes later, saying they just got done and were on their way down. Apparently since they were running late, Andy was getting all worried about missing their flight, and would only allow them to stop for 4min. So Josh’s plan was to grab two diet cokes, slap me a high five, snap a picture and head off to the airport.

Thinking ahead, I went and had the cokes ready for them, and at around 4:00pm I met them in the Heidi’s Deli parking lot with two diet cokes ready on the top of my car, as they came speeding in nearly hitting an old women. (just kidding about the old lady, but if there was one, Andy probably would have hit her in his panic).

So in what seemed to be about 5 min (and it probably literally was) Josh jumps out of this little white car, we shake hands and give a quick hug with other hand. Immediately Josh whips out his camera, tosses it to Andy who has a very worried look on his face about the plane, and we take our Kodak moment together. Then we
switch and I take one with Andy. I then ran to my green Saturn and grabbed my One Minute Bible curriculum and told them they had to sign it from themselves, and also sign it as if they were Doug. (I might put it on eBay later, just kidding) Then we said our good byes and they were off in a hurry drinking their Diet Pepsi’s.

Head there for more of the story – I’ve included a few pics of the event in this post, too. And I hear his wife makes a mean chicken enchilada, so rest assured we’ll be back, and with time to stay for dinner. Fun to meet you!