If you didn’t listen to the Simply Youth Ministry podcast immediately this week, 1) I can’t blame you with the holiday and such, but 2) you really missed out on some freebie goodness.

On the show, Fields surprised everyone with 10 $100 giveaways for the first 10 emails to write in. We had our first email just an hour after the show was up last night, and more than a dozen before midnight. Lots and lots today now, too – crazy!

Here’s the email we sent to the winners … be sure to check SYM early next week for the video of Andy doing all of the work getting these prizes out. SO fun!

Congratulations – and Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope your turkey day is going great and the Tryptophan and carbs are overloading your senses in a culinary heavenly experience. Well, we’re about to make it even sweeter! You are in the first 10 people to write in! Actually, you were number 1, so well done!

Here’s what you need to do:

TODAY, pause the football game and write in with $100 in stuff you want Andy to pick from the warehouse for you. He’ll handle it with care, and patiently package your resources and ship them on Tuesday when we do the next podcast. We’ll video it on all and drop it into the video feed of the show, too, for everyone to enjoy!

So get cracking! Grab some leftovers and scour the website for what you want – YOU WIN!

Happy Thanksgiving,
The SYM Podcast Team (except Andy, he’s a little bitter)