I’ll be honest – in our church, we pretty much only look forward. We don’t look around and we definitely don’t look back. Don’t want a turned-into-a-pillar-of-salt type of situation, right?

I Tweeted about some mid-summer evaluation we did in our team meeting this past week and was asked by a few people what that looked like. And while I think there are many (and possibly better) methods of evaluation, this one is easy to get and process as a group. It is called SWOT and follows this simple model:

  • Strengths: what worked about the event?
  • Weaknesses: what didn’t go well?
  • Opportunities: how could we take this to the next level?
  • Threats: what is a serious problem point or roadblock in the future?

I know you’re in summer crazy mode like we are, too, but I also know just how important it is to look back and evaluate a little bit, too.