HSM is going to take students on a 4-week journey through some classic and not so classic Old Testament Bible character stories this summer. In each of these stories, the lead figure in the story has a major turning point, a “switch” that takes them on an incredible journey of faith. Students will walk away with a firm understanding of each of these key biblical events as well as learn transferrable principles for their own life. Here’s the series arc where we’re headed:

This is the fist week of the series, so we want to set the stage for the concept of a tuning point or a “switch” where something big happens and changes everything. We’ll look at a couple movies and cultural moments where the “switch” happened and also study the life of the minor prophet Hosea. Students will learn about the unfaithfulness and sin of the people. They’ll also learn about the “switch” moment where Hosea married a prostitute to full understand the depth of unfaithfulness and ultimately forgiveness and love.

King Josiah
Students will learn about the wicked King Amon and his blatant disregard for the temple and following God’s way. They will also learn about the good King Josiah, who had a “switch” moment where he discovered an abscure and forgotten book called The Bible and how he fearlessly led his people to faithfully follow God’s ways once again. Josiah wasn’t afraid to call out sin and challenge others to a life of repentance.

Students will learn fully about the story of Jonah and the Whale. The focus of the teaching will revolve around the “switch” moment where he moved from disobedience from God’s way and how a few days in the whale changed everything. Jonah is a powerful model of listening to God, repentance, forgiveness, doubt and the power of changed lives that result when we faithfully follow his paths.

Moses is one of the central characters early in the Old Testament. During this talk we will focus on his inadequacies and worry about leading the people of Israel, and his “switch” moment at the burning bush where he turned into an epic leader who would set the chosen people of Israel free.

Excited about this one!