So last night for the Survivor premiere we found out that Austin Carty was in town. How sweet would it be to have a contestant from last year’s show at Fields’ house to tell stories and be the man? Enter Austin Carty. He happened to be in town and came down from LA for the night. So cool! Every commerical break we paused it an interrogated him about the show. There were some great stories, how fun would it be to be there.

What a fun premiere! The show was great (only 1 hour?), there was plenty of intrigue about the racial divisions, though it might be too early to tell if it will be one of the better seasons. I love how they characterize people within seconds – did you see how fast Billy was made into the fat, inept, rocker guy? He’s gone next week, I’m telling you right now.

The early buzz around the office is that several new people watched the show, and old faithfuls are definitely back for more. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit to hear that the ratings were up 10% or more. Fun night!