Just finished co-hosting the first annual Super Sweet Leader Night and picked up a Super Sweet T-shirt as well. I think I might have used Super Sweet like 400 times in 3 hours. It was such such super sweet fun! Here’s some of the highlights.

  • Giving away a car – and not just any car, a 1994 Plymouth Laser from the refurbished cars ministry. Boo-yaah!
  • “Crazy” with a Star Wars band. Amazing.
  • The video about the 70-year old volunteer.
  • Playing a bongo with Katie on the tambourin.
  • Family Feud – HSM leaders vs. Wildside leaders.
  • All that food! Food from all over the world represented. Winner? Italy.
  • Getting to make fun of Wendy’s French food appetizer table (read: moldy cheese and 4 crackers).
  • Getting to see so many great people who volunteer and give so much.
  • Meeting volunteers that are veterans (more youth experience than me).
  • Think the pink phone on the table was metro Shaun’s phone.
  • My 8.03 month pregnant wife looking so hot!
  • Putting the leftovers into Fields’ car for the Survivor premiere tomorrow!