1. 2 10 ft, 3 in wide PVC pipes
  2. 6 4ft lengths of rebar to hold up the pipes, (3 per PVC pipe, placed in the ground teepee style inside the PVC)
  3. 4 red buckets filled with water
  4. 2 Soccer Balls or similar 
  5. 2 100 ft lengths of Rope
  6. 100+ splash bombs
  7. 12 Nerf Swords/ or pool noodles with wooden dowels inside
Directions: (Block the opposing team’s splash bombs from knocking off your softballs)
  1. Put the PVC pipes in the ground vertically, spaced 8 feet (or so) apart in a line. Then mark out a circle around the pipes with the rope. Do the same 20 feet away with the other pipes and rope. These are the “castles”
  2. Balance the soccer balls on top of the pipes. 
  3. Have each team select 6 defenders to be inside the oval. Their job is to block the splash bombs from hitting the softballs off the pipes.
  4. Blow the whistle, and each team has to try and knock off the softballs while the defenders block their shots.
  5. If anyone crosses the rope line, they instantly die a horrible death and must sit down.
  6. The game stops when all the soccer balls have been knocked down, or if all the balls are within the castle walls.
  7. Players may reach over the rope “wall” to grab splash bombs, but if they touch the grass inside the castle walls they die and must sit down.
  8. Dead players may not touch splash bombs.
  9. Defenders inside the rope MAY take splash bombs away from the edge, but only by using their swords
We made various modifications throughout the game, especially if the rounds ended to quickly. Feel free to change/add anything you want!