I’ve been thinking a lot about busyness and the pace of my life as well as many of my friends.

I wrote about it last week (Am I busy? Or, am I really afraid?). I also wrote about it yesterday (Do you have a hard time saying “no”?). I spoke about it this last weekend at a couple youth ministry related training events. And, we seem to talk about it a lot on the Youth Ministry Garage Podcast. Busyness is a issue!

Actually, it may be one of the bigger issues/concerns connected to being a leader in ministry. Busyness carries with it the illusion of achievement that appears so impressive to many of us in ministry. We often treat busyness as a badge of honor, when it’s usually a sign of brokenness.

This is where we need to help each other. Stop being impressed by the busyness of others. Ask tough (but caring) questions to uncover the why behind the pace.

My experience is that when someone is talking about how busy they are something is usually broken in their life. Relationally broken, emotionally broken, and spiritually broken. There is price to pay for busyness and it’s usually steep.

Question: Why are you impressed with busy people? Share your thoughts here.


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