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Unless we’re in the middle of a conversation with an evolutionist, I think it’s difficult for most Christians to take the teachings about creation seriously. Maybe that’s not you, but it has been me and there are at least seven important teachings:

1. God created everything out of nothing.

2. Creation is ordered.

3. Creation was good.

4. People are the pinnacle of creation and made in the image of God.

5. Creation was completed on the seventh day.

6. God rested on the seventh day.

7. God sustains everything at every moment.

There is a lot to unpack there (#understatement), but I’ll gloss over that part of the journey so I can highlight the next leg. Considering these teachings, and the scriptures they spring from has compelled me to reflect on these questions:

The AWE question: does God still seem big? Or am I unimpressed by Him because I’m more impressed by smaller things?

The ACKNOWLEDGEMENT question: am I thinking about God enough? Or am I ignoring the grand design around me because I’m consumed with myself?

The JOY question: am I thriving and loving my life? Or am I surviving and missing out on the majesty of the world around me?

The WONDER question: am I convinced that I’m spectacular? Or am I forgetting that I’m made in God’s image and am too focused on my sinfulness?

The HOPE question: am I looking forward to the new heavens and new earth? Or am I too caught up in the here and now, the pain and struggle?

The SABBATH question: am I resting on the seventh day? Or am I working to please others and pursue and empty ego?

The RELIANCE question: am I looking to God’s Spirit for strength and support? Or am I trusting in something less because it’s easy and quick?

God created the universe, and we ought to worship him regularly with this firmly as our focus.