I only have five kids: max, marc, morgan, miller, and mac
She has six: max, marc, morgan, miller, mac, and matt

She hasn’t lost it, her patience is unending.

She never complains, yet she NEVER suffers in silence.

She is always laughing…at all of us…even herself….but mostly at me (for some reason)

She loves driving a 15 passenger van (and also loves running out of gas once or twice a month)

She is disciplined and dedicated to the things that are important.

She trusts me to babysit our kids.

She endures like the ocean, and just as unstoppable.

She is who I’d want to be when I grow up if I had any plans on growing up.

She doesn’t shop too much (most of the time)

She has the respect of those who know her.

Without losing herself,
She loves all of us with all she’s got.