Perry Noble is one of my favorite pastors to read and listen too. His blog has some amazing stuff and I would read it everyday to get some great leadership stuff from it. This is why I had to share it. This goes out to all ministry leaders. You can see all Noble’s post at his website

10 Things I Wish I can Say To Every Church Leader

#1 – You can do EXACTLY what God has called you to do!

#2 – Never, I mean EVER apologize for big vision!

#3 – Steps of faith are always scary…if they weren’t scary then you would not need faith!

#4 – What you are going through will not define you as a leader…but how you go through it will.

#5 – You can really get a great sense of what God is up to by looking at the people He has placed around you. If He is surrounding you with amazing people…I believe it’s because amazing things are about to happen.

#6 – Changing someone else’s idea is easy…allowing something to say that your idea needs to change is way more challenging but necessary for the long term growth of the church.

#7 – Every single decision you make impacts far more people than you could ever imagine, your life really is not your own…if you want to be a great leader then selfishness is not an option.

#8 – If you want excellent chemistry on your team then keep very short accounts and NEVER allow conflict to go unresolved.

#9 – Always allow conflict to take place (behind closed doors) and make sure than everyone has said everything they feel like they need to say. (People are way more likely to follow a leader they feel like listens to them.)

#10 – One of the best sources of information/ideas are the people you work with everyday…the reason they don’t share them with you is either because they feel as if they can’t or they have never been invited to do so.