Last Week I posted the first part of this topic (You can check out the first part HERE). Here are the last three key things that I do to set the tone for my small group for the year:

This group is like Vegas: I let all of my guys know what is said in this group, stays in this group. I explain to them the importance for the group to have trust and to be able to have a safe place to open up if there is a need. If we do not have trust then this group means nothing. I let them know that if they were to break this rule that we would have to have a conversation and they do not want that. I hit hard on this one so they know the seriousness of the trust aspect of our group.

Prayer is HUGE: I tell them that prayer is going to be a huge aspect of our group. The last 10 minutes of every group they are to go with a different guy in the group each week and spend 10 minutes of swapping prayer requests and praying for each other. I have them switch people every week because this will bring all of them closer to each other and they hear and pray for the other guys in the group through out the year. We will always end out night with this, so they need to get used to it and be able to be open to pray for their brothers.

This will be fun: Group has to be fun. I would imagine that when Jesus was hanging out with the disciples that it was not all business and that they would have a blast together. I mean Jesus was 100% human as well as 100% God. I tell all the guys that the year will be so much fun. We will have fun while hanging out, we wil have fun as we learn and grow in Christ, and there will be nights where we just simply hang out and go to the movies as a group…. just because. If we cannot have fun as a group while still learning about Jesus, then what are we doing? If I expect them to block off Wednesday nights why not make it worth their while and have them actually WANT to be there.

These are just some things we go over on the first night of group to set the tone. What are some things that you tell your group?