///self serving questions

self serving questions

what’s in it for me? what can I get? How can I leverage what i have or what someone wants to gain something i want. I don’t ask this question very often…

This question isn’t always selfish. It’s a way many good leaders get results. A more positive way to look at it would be to say they maximize the opportunities. of course, it can be really selfish…and create a filter for interacting with people that builds little trust and lots of distance.

I’m not better than those who ask this question. I have my own problems…my own self serving questions that impact the way I look at the world…questions that tear down trust and build up isolation.

I often think, “How could they say that? Don’t they know that’s the dumbest possible conclusion ever reached on planet earth–at any point of our history?” That’s really healthy.

At home, I can be a tad bit lazy…. I ask myself: Why does that need to be cleaned? it’s cool if it’s messy… and then the Mish will come and fix it…Now that we have an armada of children, i’ve definitely stepped it up…but not enough…

What are the self serving questions you ask yourself?

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