Every year our family gets an annual admission pass to some park or attraction, last year it was the Taco Bell Discovery Science Center which was a very good time. We went like 5 times so definitely got some bang for our buck there.

Sea World is running a pretty good special these days on their Fun Pass. Apparently, you buy a park entrance for one day and get the rest of 2006 for free – unlimited admission, no strings attached. Will we use this like the science museum last year? I think so, but here’s the thought:

Admission is totally free if you’re 2 years of age or under. My boy Austin is 2 right now, but will turn 3 mid-year in August. What are the chances of them actually checking his age after we’ve bought the mimimum number of family passes? Would they catch us in the act? Hey, how do they check the age of a kid anyhow? This sounds like the perfect white-collar crime (think Enron but on a much smaller scale), a chance for me to stick it to the man and save a few bucks.

So as of right now my integrity is worth $43.