Weekend Teaching Series: What If (series finale, week 3 of 3)

Sermon Synopsis: This weekend our junior high director Katie Edwards (of DYM Webshow fame as well) taught all students and all campuses from the video talk asking the What If question, what if I believed anything was possible. The whole video is above and she worked hard to teach students about the impossible strength of Christ. 

Service Length: 64 minutes

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: We played Trivia Crack this weekend! It crushed so, so hard! It was incredible and you can grab it for FREE here on DYM. Do it now! Best game ever!! We also had a fun rap video, lots of music and students involved greeting, student band, etc as well.


Music Playlist: Made Alive, Sing and Shout, You Hold Me, How He Loves, Wake

Favorite Moment: I don’t think we’ll be doing another video series like this in the near future, but it was a noble experiement. Students paid attention to the video and there was certainly some positive decisions made for Christ, but I love the more age-specific content of a normal weekend.

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