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Weekend Teaching Series: Switch (week 3 of 4)

Sermon in a Sentence: God wants us to stop running and follow God’s purpose for our lives.

Service Length: 66 minutes

Understandable Message: We had two members of our team (Hannah and AC) tag team this sermon on the story of Jonah. They took a look at his “big fish” moment and saw what the Lord is trying to teach us about who He is and His purposes for our lives. Hannah focused on our tendancy to rebel against God and how He sometimes has to use “big fish” experiences to get our attention. AC spoke about what focusing on our purpose means for our lives and, more importantly, focusing on the big picture of how we fit into God’s plan.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: For the game, we pulled out a classic “Minute to Win It” game called, Tortilla Head. It is such a fun game to watch! We had a ton of fun with it! Also to spice up the message a little bit, we made an Eye Witness News Exclusive video about Jonah’s disappearance. Totally fun and totally ridiculous!

Music Playlist: We Shine, You Are, You Hold Me, and Tear Down the Walls.

Favorite Moment: This weekend we had a student co-host the game. He did such a great job… better than some of our adult leaders! Makes me interested in maybe developing him and students like him into a role like that more often!

Up next: Switch (week 4 of 4)