Weekend Teaching Series: Senior Weekend
Sermon in a Sentence: The great adventure of high school.
Service Length: 63 minutes

Understandable Message: This weekend we had the seniors take over the weekend as their last hurrah before graduation. They did a grew job with a very clear theme and an awesome speaker who has only been a part of our church for about a year. Blake did a GREAT job talking about faith, and was a total surprise as a very gifted and passionate communicator. In the middle of his talk, Trent came up to share his story as well – and it was a great one about bullying, suicidal thoughts, and the challenges of high school life the past 4 years but the hoe we have in Jesus and the passion he has found loving and serving others. Both of these guys were total standouts in what was an awesome final weekend for our seniors.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: The seniors did this hilarious game called “What Am I Licking” where blindfolded contestants tried to guess what they were licking. Unreal – so awkward, so funny, hilarious all around. Not sure we’ll even play it again, but it was memorable that’s for sure.

Music Playlist: Compass, The Earth is Yours, Let It Be Known, The Stand, All I Am

Favorite Moment: Don’t think I can nail it down to just one – if I had to I would say praying for all of our awesome seniors at the end of each service. That last huddle up of seniors on stage with their leaders and friends is so powerful, I won’t forget it for a long time!

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