Weekend Teaching Series: Think Different (week 3 of 4)
Sermon in a Sentence: The Gospel as it should be
Service Length: 75 minutes

Understandable Message: This weekend I moved from people (week 1) to the church (week 2) to The Gospel (week 3). It was a challenging talk this weekend – sounds so simple to help students understand the Gospel but I really struggled with writing this one. In the end, I thought it ended up in a really good place and included a very clear plan of salvation. To keep it interesting we sprinkled in several poll topics (students used their cell phones to vote on poll and a couple of discussion times right during the talk, too. Was really fun!

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: We played Is It Really in the BIble Volume 3 and it crushed! We also had a couple fun videos and students greeting, handing out bulletins and more.

Music Playlist: We Shine, We Are the Free, Divine and Holy, Scandal of Grace

Favorite Moment: This weekend I loved the conversation times during the service. We don’t typically have too many of those in our service, it was a fun change of pace and made for some great interaction and dialogue.

Up next: Think Different (series finale, week 4 of 4)