Weekend Teaching Series: Think Different (series premiere, week 1 of 4)
Sermon in a Sentence: People have done incredible things by thinking different.
Service Length: 74 minutes

Understandable Message: Fun to be teaching again this weekend after the You Own the Weekend and Easter break! We kicked off a new series on the life and teachings of Jesus, and I also looked at the Apple “Think Different” campaign. I played the iStalk video that DYM Members get for free with their membership this month, and then taught students about 2 key areas where Jesus taught different. Giving your life away (instead of selfishness) and being forgiving (instead of revenge).

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: Students played in the band and greeted – lots of energy back this weekend despite one of our bigger schools having prom and Mother’s Day on Sunday. We had a couple fun videos, and a new game featuring random trivia from the schools that didn’t have their own You Own the Weekend series we just came out of. Really fun service!

Music Playlist: He is Alive, Take It All, God I Look to You, Learn to Love

Favorite Moment: This week we tried a new 10-minute fun connection time during 2 of our 4 services. It was a huge hit! Students kinda come in and out and often times those that come alone don’t know anyone else and those that have a few friends kinda stick to them. Fun to try this experiment – it went really well, might be something we do more often in the future. Yeah!

Up next: Easter Sunday (Worship Together Weekend)