Weekend Teaching Series: You Own the Weekend (El Toro High School)
Sermon in a Sentence: Love is worth fighting for, accept no substitutes
Service Length: 70 minutes

Understandable Message: El Toro students did a great job of landing on a simple and clear theme for their weekend – and they chose a talk that no students had ever taken on in the 6-year history of You Own the Weekend. Lust vs love! I thought it had all sorts of potential especially coming from students themselves. They wanted to talk about the lust that the world offers as a counterfeit to genuine love, and had a great series of talks and testimonies on the subject. Really great graphics, lots of good challenges rolled into one night!

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: El Toro is a pro at running services, and this year was no exception. They had a super funny Christian pickup lines video to open things up, and great decorations and theming throughout. Fun, energetic service!

Music Playlist: Love Don’t Die, Let it Be Known, One Thing Remains, Your Love, How He Loves

Favorite Moment: This email from a parent was the best moment by far: I just wanted to say thank you from a parent. My wife and I have loved every one of the “own the weekend series” since it was started when our oldest was at El Toro. Last night was our last “ET owns the weekend” and as a parent that has been so blessed by your care to all three of our kids we love you. Each of them has been stretched at HSM, by you guys and so many more that have traveled through HSM over our last 9 years. We are so blessed! Thank you.

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