Weekend Teaching Series: You Own the Weekend (Capo Valley High School)
Sermon in a Sentence: How we find who we truly are in a world that tells us who to be.
Service Length: 70 minutes

Understandable Message: This weekend the students chose to speak on identity. They had students from all walks of life up there sharing their struggles to release the identity they that they have put on themselves and accept who the Lord says they are. They passed out balloons to every student and had them write down a word that they classify themselves as on it (nerd, jock, etc.) and pop it. It was a little crazy but really powerful!

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: The students that did the welcome and that ran the game were just so fun to watch! They did such a great job (even better than some of our adult leaders)! The jokes that they had during the welcome were hilarious and the game of Sit Down If was brilliant. Too fun!

Music Playlist: Take it All, All I am, How He Loves, and Love Came Down.

Favorite Moment: I love that the speakers weren’t the students that you would expect. They weren’t the shiniest students and they weren’t the extrovert students, they were just students that had something really important on their heart. They absolutely killed it. I made sure to go over to one of them in particular to encourage her to pursue speaking and ministry in her future!

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