Weekend Teaching Series: You Own the Weekend (Mission Viejo High School/Series Kick-Off)
Sermon in a Sentence: Despite our rebellion, the Lord still chooses to love us.
Service Length: 68 minutes

Understandable Message: The students of Mission Viejo decided that the students of their school really needed to hear the story of the Prodigal Son and what that story means for their life. They told it through a mix of message and testimony. It was a perfect Gospel message talking about our brokenness and His goodness. Super powerful!

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: They had a really fun lip-sync/pie night after service event that worked much like a karaoke night. We opened Spotify and told students that they could come and request a song. It was really fun to see the videos that students posted about it later in the week. Some students even prepared a full dance ahead of time. One student got a little to into it and threw his iPhone against a wall… needless to say it shattered.

Music Playlist: Let it Be Known, What Would I Have Done, Jesus Lead On, Closer, and Safe Place

Favorite Moment: Every year we choose 2-3 students to run point for their school’s weekend. This year, one of leaders was the third in her family to lead the weekend! It is so cool to see some serious legacy happening in our ministry.

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