Weekend Teaching Series: GO (series kickoff, week 1 of 3)
Sermon in a Sentence: Our love for Jesus should overflow in action like the Good Samaritan.
Service Length: 71 minutes

Understandable Message: This weekend was Fall Kickoff in our youth group – the vast majority of students went back to school just this past week and kicked off the new school year with a new series focusing on several teachings of Jesus that use the word “go.” As you would expect, the series will be available here on DYM immediately following the series conclusion in a couple weeks. This week I taught through Luke 10 and how this could be a year that changes everything if students will love Jesus and let it overflow into compassion for other people. It was fun to be back in front of our students teaching after a month of letting the bullpen take over.

Several insights really jumped out of the story to me – especially how it seemed like the Good Samaritan was prepared and ready to help someone in need even before he came across the injured man. That translated to a challenge to our students to prepare for compassion and action before they ever even see the need. We also had an incredible testimony of one of our sophomore guys that was super impactful, too. So good!

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: We had lots of students involved . I absolutely loved the programming this weekend – everything is new and bigger than a normal youth group and it was truly epic this weekend. A really fun game, big music and a clear challenge from God’s Word. Loved this weekend, and had great conversations afterward, too!

Music Playlist: Roar (Katy Perry cover), Let It Be Known, He is Alive, You Love is Enough, Christ in Me

Favorite Moment: We broke a choir riser! It was an epic moment during the song He Is Alive – everyone was safe thankfully which made it a fun moment. We did get a little wild on that song … so fun!

Up next: get GO (week 2 of 3)