Weekend Teaching Series: A Piece of My Mind (3 of 4)
Sermon in a Sentence: Samson and Delilah
Service Length: 77 minutes

Understandable Message: This weekend 2 of our team taught through the story of Samson and Delilah. They worked through the storyline and shared principles of temptation, moral failure, surrender and redemption. This was one of our interns Daniela’s first time speaking and she co-taught with Alaina who did the conclusion of the message. Both worked hard on preparing their talk and it was fun to see the teaching bullpen in action. The best part of the talk was a great illustration they used to talk about the mess we make in our lives with sin and how God forgives and still uses us.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: Some fun elements this weekend and lots of student involvement. We had a fun video called Workout Tips with Billy Hinzo. It was hilarious and helped keep the element of fun we want in every service. Student greeters were on their A-game this week and did a great job handing out pens, programs and popsicle sticks.

Music Playlist: Hey There Dellah (Plain White T’s cover), Let It Be Known, Overcome, Scandal of Grace, Closer, All I Am

Favorite Moment: I loved the object lesson that Daniela and Alaina used this weekend to talk about forgiveness. They used flash paper to illustrate our sins, then lit it on fire and it disappeared leaving no trace. Just like God’s forgiveness of us – it is gone!

Up next: A Piece of My Mind (series finale, week 4 of 4)