Sounds like a pretty exciting mission trip – don’t forget to bring along your bulletproof vest on your next mission! According to

The Shady Brook Baptist Church youth group set out on a trip last Saturday to Gulfport, Miss., to help with continued relief for Katrina victims, but the group never made it to their final destination.

“There were two car loads of young people and they just opened fire…about 15 or 16 shots fired at us,” said George Sherman, Pastor of Shady Brook Baptist Church. The group had stopped in Shorter, Ala., so the bus driver, the group’s youth pastor, could rest.

All seven teenagers aboard were sleeping. It was around 5:30 a.m. when Sherman and two other adults exited the bus to stretch. Sherman said that is when two cars slowly passed them and began firing at their church van.

I just tried to call the church to talk about it and encourage them – I think they’re gone for the day. Wild!