I mentioned going to Rock Harbor this week and the message that was given on bitterness from a pastor just back from Sabbatical. I just noticed on iTunes that they’ve started a podcast you should check out, and thought I would also mention a few other notables you maybe should be listening to (all in addition of course, to the SYM podcast, right?).

  • Rock Harbor Message Archive ROCKHARBOR - ROCKHARBOR message archive - ROCKHARBOR message archive
  • Simply Junior High Kurt Johnston - Simply Junior High Podcast - Simply Junior High Podcast
  • John Piper John Piper - Desiring God Radio - Desiring God Radio
  • Catalyst Featuring Louie Giglio - Catalyst Podcast - Catalyst Podcast
  • Mosaic Erwin McManus - Mosaic  Video Podcast - Mosaic  Video Podcast
  • Creative Pastors Ed Young - CreativePastors - CreativePastors