This press release was just released talking about a new series of ads that feature Pastor Rick, amongst other folks. Interesting – can’t wait to see it!

“This is a first step in a long-term effort to start making the fight against global AIDS and extreme poverty part of the election conversation and Americans can be part of that by joining ONE.ORG,” said Matt Damon who appears in and narrates the spot. “Decisions made in Washington, D.C. really do have the power to save lives. I think at their heart Americans are good people and I think people want to help — I think there’s momentum building. People are starting to realize that the history books are being rewritten and they want to be on the right side of history, they want to be in the story.”

“ONE Vote” will air across MTV Networks channels during primetime from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET on Monday, Oct. 23 and premiere online on Tuesday, Oct. 24 in streaming video on the front page of MySpace , in a special :45 web version and special content on the front page of YouTube , and on Google video and Yahoo video It will also air on News Corporation’s FOX Broadcasting Network, MyNetworkTV, FX, Fox Sports Net, National Geographic Channel, FUEL, Fox Reality, Fox Soccer and Fox Movie Channel through Election Day, in addition to airing on their giant Panasonic Astrovision Screen at ONE Times Square in New York City.

The PSA brings together Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, George Clooney, Don Cheadle, New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady, singer songwriter Toby Keith, Alfre Woodard, faith leaders Pastor Rick Warren and Bishop Charles E. Blake and Democratic and Republican Strategists Mike McCurry and Jack Oliver.

In the spot, they join with over 2.4 million supporters of the ONE Campaign to “pledge ONE vote” not for a candidate or party — but instead to help fight global AIDS and extreme poverty and make a better, safer world for us all.

“My deal has always been — forget politics. You know, politics has really nothing to do with it,” said singer songwriter Toby Keith. “We’re so divided here in the United States with this red state/blue state, left wing/right wing thing. I’ve been to Africa and seen it first hand, it left a mark on me that I have to live with now, so I want to do my part. It’s a chance for everybody with a big voice to step up to their people and say — go to, get educated and stamp out poverty and AIDS.”