As you know, Elliott hooked me up with the new Burger King Xbox 360 games for selling his PS3 on eBay this past week. We’re saving a couple as Christmas gifts for the kids, but we opened 1 of the 3 titles tonight: Sneak King. Here’s my review:

First of all kudos to Burger King for making these games. This is a stroke of genius – I’ll fast forward through a BK advertisement on TV, but I’ll sit for 2 hours playing the world’s longest commercial. Genius! Gamers love cheap games, especially if they’re somewhat innovative or counter-cultural, and likewise we love the Double Whopper. Feels already like this is going to be a good time.

Secondly, it looks and plays pretty well. This isn’t Gears of War or anything like that, but it is a nice-looking game that is pretty addictive. It’s fun, even if a little creepy – is it just me or is the King a little, uh, disturbing? Either way, the game is fun to play. Sneaking up on people and giving them a Crossn’wich or BK coffee has never been more fun. Hmmm … I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Finally, the game has achievements, which ever gamer love to accumulate. One of the best parts of the 360’s persistent online LIVE status of the console is friends lists, reputation and Gamerscore. Already unlocked 4 achievements, I’ll get the rest tonight!

All in all, a innovative tactic to get gamers into BK, get them back to BK and let them have a bit of fun in the meantime. The game looks nice and is fun to play and best of all, it’s an easy boost to my Gamerscore. I just hope Taco Bell or Carl’s Jr. is lined up next … because I’ll be first in line to get the games!