Here’s the review of Lego Star Wars 2 I posted on TFN. What a great game. The kids and I already have 10 hours logged into it together, we had so much fun. Beat it last night, so now we’re on to the replay quests for secrets and True Jedi status!

The Xbox 360 version is absolutely stunning.

I’m sure the others are good, but when you see the 360 version in HD, well, it’s definitely next generation. The best visual trick has to be the in-focus/out of focus technique to help create a stunning depth of field that helps you stay focused on the action. But that’s just the beginning …

If you played the original game there’s plenty that’s familiar – collecting studs, using the Force to build bridges and zapping plants to discover secrets. And there’s plenty of those great cut scenes that made the prequel trilogy so fun, too – so none of this is a bad thing. But rather than be complacent, the team behind the best family video game of 2006 takes it to the next level and breaks new ground. Now there are vehicles and animals you can ride, turrets you can man and all sorts of new characters with fresh gameplay techniques. The graphics are stunning, the storytelling is masterful, and then there’s that whole flashback-to-my-childhood-thing. Here I am now sitting with my kids, completely engaged and laughing out loud right along with them. Three of my very favorite things: Legos, video games and Star Wars.

It delivers. There’s no need for a long review – what you need to know is that it is nearly perfect, a blast to play, makes you laugh and is a must-own title. The only possible detraction from this game is the terrible vehicle control scheme. Fortunately it is almost forgivable by the time you get used to it, but you’ve still got to wonder why that wasn’t resolved in testing or focus groups. It’s simply that bad. But if that’s the worst you can say about the game, you’ve got to know the rest is amazing.

I’ve practically played every Star Wars game ever, and this is right up there with the best – and by far the best platformer. And that’s saying plenty, especially when you consider the masterpiece Super Star Wars (SNES) that has come before.

Highlights include the skiff battles, escaping the exploding Death Star and … well, every single cut scene. And with Marketplace downloads coming in the future, this is an amazing title now with no telling of what is to come. This title will not dissapoint – if you’ve got a family you’ve probably already got the game. If you avoided it because you’re roommates will make fun of you don’t wait another second and pick this game up. Who cares if they make fun of you? You’ll be having way to much fun to care, even if it is cute.

Seriously, this is as close to a 10 as we could give. This title deserves our highest recommendation. A+