Barefoot Ministries just released their new website Barefoot Online and it’s pretty snazzy. It’s subscription based and I have to admit it ain’t cheap ($249 normal, $349 premium annually), but you do get a lot for your money.

They’ve basically managed to develop a one-stop youth ministry tool where you can schedule events, keep track of attendance, even your finances can be done here. But that’s not all. There’s loads of great quality lessons for preteens, middle school en high school students. They’re very Biblical and all have a focused message that is relevant for teens. For me, this would be the biggest takeaway from this site. You have unlimited access to lessons, so that alone may be worth the price of you’re buying these now. What’s so cool is that you can connect these lessons with scheduled events, so that everyone on your team knows what’s on the schedule.

You can also send unlimted group texts and emails and there’s a whole bunch of sharing options for everything. And they’ve also included training resources like videos about different topics and audio of youth workers answering questions (I’d know – I’m one of them!). You could use these for your own training events. All in all it’s a very practical site and a very content-rich one.

The navigation isn’t the most intuitive, I had to click back a few times to get the screen I wanted. When you go to the blog for instance you’re basically leaving Barefoot online and thus your navigation menu within the site. You can get back, but not intuitively. That might be something they’ll have to improve. Also, not all of the videos played well, but that may also have to do with my connection, I’m not sure.

Anyway, I’d advise you to pop over and check it out. You can get a free 15-day trial subscription so you can really decide if it’s worth it before you spend your money.

(Please note that I contributed to this site and was asked to do a review, though an honest one)

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