I finally got to working through a stack of resources and books I’ve been wanting to review. One of them was a great little booklet created by Walt Mueller (Center for Parent/Youth Understanding) together with Simply Youth Ministry.

It’s titled ‘How to Use your Head to Guard your Heart’ and it’s a ‘3D’ media guide for making responsible media choices.The 3D part refers to their approach: Discover, Discern, and Decide.

3D Media Guide Cover

I was pleasantly surprised by the common sense info in this media guide, which manages to be informative and challenging, while staying far away from becoming condemning or preaching. It poses tons of questions that help students analyze what they’re watching and listening to. 

I think this would make a great resource to use in a small group, for instance to analyze a couple of popular songs, music videos, or TV series. They’re priced at 10 for $15 with a free leader’s guide thrown in.