Over the last few years God has added a stronger marriage/family emphasis to my 30 years of youth ministry. For the first time ever, I’m not just thinking about youth ministry. The more I’m around teenagers the more I realize the importance of their parent’s marriage.

The same is true when I think about and spend time with ministry leaders. If you’re a ministry leader, and your marriage suffers, it will leak into your ministry. Your ministry and its impact will suffer too.

This Friday and Saturday my friend, and author of many marriage books, Jim Burns and I will be hosting a marriage seminar at Azusa Pacific University. Over 300 couples will be joining us as we talk marriage (communication, conflict, spiritual growth, romance & intimacy, etc…). I am so excited about this weekend!

If you’re within driving distance of the LA area and want to join us, there’s still room.

After this weekend Jim and I will “box up” this experience and make it available to other locations/church/universities around the country. If you have any interest in bringing Jim/I into your area, email [email protected]

Question: Do you normally experience any type of training/learning/seminars to improve the condition of your marriage? If so, share it with us.

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